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Berlin Attractions

Berlin – lots to discover

Berlin has lots to offer. Explore the city by water with a trip on the Spree River and by land in a classic double-decker bus in a city tour. In between these is the Story of Berlin which lures you in with exciting facts on the history of Berlin. Your cultural tastes are also taken care of – visit the Renaissance Theatre and the Theater des Westens stage. Berlin has lots to offer!

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Theatre of the West

Charlottenburg is home to one of the most well known opera and musical stages in Berlin – the Theater des Westens. Time and again, the theatre opens its doors on special days to visitors and gives them the chance to learn more about the theatre and its history. Here, you can visit the mask department or the costume-making department.

Story of Berlin

Story of Berlin

If you’re interested in the diverse history of Berlin, then “The Story of Berlin” is the right place for you. Spanning 6,000 square metres, it invites you to take a closer look at interesting aspects of the history of the capital city and experience them for yourself.

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Berlin Spree tour

Berlin, the largest city in Germany, offers a variety of attractions which you shouldn’t miss when you visit the metropolis. The Berlin Spree Tour offers you the opportunity to take in several sights during a relaxing boat trip.

Renaissance Theater Berlin

Renaissance Theatre Berlin

The Renaissance Theatre Berlin has an emotional history and continues to move culture lovers today with its performances. The first performance took place in 1922 in the new theatre which was “conjured up” by the architect Oskar Kaufmann in a corner building in Charlottenburg.

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Berlin City Tours

If you want to get to know Berlin a little better, then a city tour is just the thing. Here, you can explore Berlin’s sights in a relaxed atmosphere and receive information about them too. You’d be hard pressed to find all the hotspots yourself.

Must-see sights at a glance

Below you will find a map outlining the locations of our hotel arcona LIVING GOETHE87 and the city’s must-see sights.